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Breaking Bad Fantasy League: Episode 3, “Hazard Pay”

This week was light on murders, but heavy on murder-foreshadowing. Check out the mid-season showdown between Los Pollos Hermanos and the Fightin’ Meth-Heads! Advertisements

Breaking Bad Fantasy League: Episode 2, “Madrigal”

If you thought last week’s match-up was exciting, get ready! Mike sets a single-episode scoring record, but will it be enough? Don’t just sit there, read the post to find out!

Breaking Bad Fantasy League: Episode 1, “Live Free or Die”

It’s been a long wait, but Breaking Bad is finally BACK, yo, and the season 5 premiere did not disappoint. But if you thought the actual show was dramatic, wait ’til you see how the matchup between Alex’s Los Pollos Hermanos and Lou’s Fightin’ Meth Heads played out. Grab your scorecards and get ready for … Continue reading