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Breaking Bad Fantasy League: Episode 2, “Madrigal”

If you thought last week’s match-up was exciting, get ready! Mike sets a single-episode scoring record, but will it be enough? Don’t just sit there, read the post to find out!

Fightin’ Meth-Heads


I kind of want Breaking Bad to just destroy all the tension by having Jesse say, “Boy, Mike, you were right! I’m gonna move to another state and live happily ever after so I’ll never be forced to murder someone at the behest of my power-hungry mentor and business partner!” Then he moves to California and starts “Jesse Pinkman: Fun Hangout Times” and then Walt turns himself into the cops and we never find out what happens with the ricin in the electrical outlet.

Badassery: Not much of a badass this week, or much of anything this week, really. Outside of two scenes at the beginning, Jesse didn’t even show up. 0 POINTS

Humor: He didn’t really do much here either, but someone on the internet made a hilarious joke about Jesse being afraid he poisoned the Roomba with the ricin. Also, “The Crystal Ship” 2 POINTS

Morality: When Jesse found the ricin cigarette Walt planted in the Roomba, he broke down in tears and apologized to Walt. It’s a bummer to see him get sucked even deeper into Walt’s control, but the kid’s got heart. He’s like Rudy, except he makes crystal meth instead of playing football for Notre Dame. 3 POINTS

Intelligence: He’s smart enough not to buy Walt’s explanation that the ricin cigarette fell out of his jacket, or whatever, but not smart enough to see through the Roomba gambit. 1 POINT

Kill Count: Still nothing, thank Jeebus. 0 POINTS

Total Points: 6


Say it with me: DAAAMN, that was cool. It’s a good thing this was a Mike-centric episode, because the rest of my team really screwed me over by not even being in the show. Thankfully, Mike picked up the slack and then some with a level of badass that sixty year-old men should not be able to attain. If this were a real sports league and not a fantasy league about a fictional show, Mike would hold up one of his many scenes from this episode in front of Walt and say “How do you like them apples?!” and then shoot him in the face. King Kong ain’t got SHIT on Mike.

Badassery: Man, I have a hard time seeing someone be this badass again until maybe the season finale. Between the interrogation scene, his encounter at Chow’s house, and the penultimate scene where he said “Nobody’s gonna find you, Lydia,” Mike really had a monopoly on Badass tonight. I probably would have given him a full 10/10 if he had iced Lydia and avoided going into business with Walt. While I get that he did it out of necessity, it’s not exactly cool to see someone acquiesce to their nemesis, like that episode of “Louie” where Louis CK humiliates himself to avoid getting into a fight and his date gets turned off. 9 POINTS

Humor: Boy, Mike was really killing tonight… with LAUGHTER! (Ed. note: Don’t do that) It’s too bad there isn’t a category for lines that are funny and badass at the same time or he could score double points with lines like “Drink your hot water,” or pretty much anything in the interrogation scene. He sure made that Lydia look like a big dummy (and then he almost murdered her)! 4 POINTS

Intelligence: While Walt has the market cornered on book smarts, Mike is like fucking Einstein when it comes to “Know How To Run An Efficient Criminal Organization” smarts, or whatever shorter name you want to call it. Between his advice to Lydia and his handling of the interrogation, Mike really puts the know-how in the “Know How To Run An Efficient Criminal Organization” handbook. Plus, he remains the sole character who can see the ruin Walt is dragging everyone into. 5 POINTS

Morality: Mike is probably the nicest dude to have ever murdered a bunch of people. Plus he doesn’t shoot Lydia to death while her daughter goes to sleep, the big softie! 4 POINTS

Kill Count: Only one this time, but it coulda been eleven. 1 POINT

Total points: 23


Skyler is not my favorite character (or even one of my five favorite characters), but it’s kind of hard to hate her when she has to deal with her husband-turned-gangster and his come-ons that probably qualify as sexual assault.

Badassery: Nothing here, unless you count sinking into depression and avoiding going into work as “badass.” 0 POINTS

Humor: I almost feel like this should get negative points for how creepy it was to see her in bed with Walt. 0 POINTS

Morality: She hates what Walt has become, but she can’t do anything about it. Ha! Haha! This is a fucking bummer! 1 POINT

Intelligence: Besides Mike, she’s the only one who can see through Walt’s Heisenberg facade. Too bad there’s a decent chance she’ll wind up dying because of him. 1 POINT

Kill Count: The ricin’s in the electrical outlet, Skyler. It sure would be a shame if someone poured it into Walt’s coffee… But for now, 0 POINTS

Total points: 2


Man, Marie was on fire tonight. Remember when she hooked up the toy to the door to confuse the hitman? That was so bad–Oh, wait, that was Mike. What did Marie do? Literally nothing, you say? Fantastic! If this were a real sports team instead of a fantasy one, she’d get spit on by fans. Step your game up, Marie, or your getting busted down to the minor leagues.

Badassery: Not unless sitting out an episode to buy more purple colored home appliances is badass. 0 POINTS

Humor: It was funny when she, uh… 0 POINTS

Morality: She’s not even a good person when she does bother showing up. 0 POINTS

Intelligence: They’re minerals, Marie, not rocks. How many times do we have to tell you? 0 POINTS

Kill Count: Theoretically very high if she would bother showing up. 0 POINTS

Total points: 0


Are you trying to make me look like a chump, Beneke? You think that’s funny? I drafted you when everyone else had counted you out and you proved everyone wrong last week when you showed up to score major points in Badassery, and now you’re just gonna quit? Is that how it is? You know what, you should have died on that kitchen floor. What kind of chump trips on a rug, anyways? Pathetic.

Badassery: Given that barely avoiding death was the most badass thing you ever did, I don’t think we’ll be seeing you in this category ever again. 0 POINTS

Humor: You know what’s funny? Your ugly face! 1 POINTS

Morality: You better become a born-again Christian or something and score 10/10 every week here to make up for your and Marie’s mutually terrible performances this week. 0 POINTS

Intelligence: Boy, it was really smart when you almost got caught by the IRS and had to rely on Skyler to get you out, ya big dumbie. 0 POINTS

Kill Count: You should probably just off yourself to at least score something. 0 POINTS

Total points: 1

Bench: They followed Marie and Beneke’s lead and sat this one out. Hopefully the Cartel becomes a player or again or this is going to be a rough season for the Fightin’ Meth-Heads.

Los Pollos Hermanos


Walt’s getting the gang back together! Instead of stopping while he’s ahead (or at least still alive), he’s doubling down and bringing Jesse and Mike along for the ride. Is it because he’s broke? Is it because he’s fatally addicted to the feeling of power he never experienced as an emasculated schoolteacher-cum-carwasher? Or is it simply because he loves hangin’ out with his buddies, just cookin’ meth and poisonin’ children and havin’ a good time? Seems to me like this is just a case of a man who’s trying to convince his friends to keep getting together for poker night, except instead of once a week it’s every night and also “poker” is code for “making meth.” It’s practically the premise of a Jimmy Buffet song! Really looking forward to watching these guys joke around and enjoy the breezy fun of running a large scale meth outfit. Nothing but smooth sailing ahead, fellas!

Badassery:  He wasn’t spitting hot fire like last week, but you could still see the clear outline of a persistent murderboner bulging in his Dockers. Instead of begging Mike to come back into the fold, he left the meeting confident that Mr. Ememememanaurrntraut would come around. And when he did come around, Walt replied with a simple, dispassionate “good” before hanging up, gazing at some of the common houseplants on his windowsill, and deciding which one of those plants to murder Mike with at the end of the season. 3 POINTS

Humor: Sadly, Walt will not be tossing any giant pizzas onto the roof this season. He’s too busy feeling TOTALLY IN CONTROL, BRO. 0 POINTS

Morality: He made Jesse cry. 😦  0 POINTS

Intelligence: Jesse is not exactly hard to manipulate, but still, Walt’s scheme to assuage any lingering suspicions he may have had over the whole ricin cig debacle was pretty smart.  And the execution was flawless, too. He went through the motions of searching every nook and cranny and did a convincing job of matching Jesse’s frustration. Then, he pretended not to know what a Roomba is before casually suggesting Jesse look inside. And lo and behold, it just so happened to be there. It’s like the old saying goes: “The ricin-filled cigarette is always in the last place you look, especially if the last place you look is inside a Roomba.” Now, whether it was the smartest idea to stick that ricin behind the electrical outlet remains to be seen, but for now, it’s a solid showing.  5 POINTS

Kill Count: Only thing he’s killed so far this season is any chemistry he may have once had with his wife. Yikes/yuck.  0 POINTS

Total points: 8


Hobblin’ Hank is hot on Heisenberg’s trail. But does he have any idea that Walt is Heisenberg? I figure the Madrigal connection will have Hank sniffing around Germany for an actual guy named Heisenberg, but all he’ll end up smelling is limburger and wiener schnitzel.

Badassery: He and ol’ Burrito Breath Gomez really know how to run a tag team in the interrogation room. It’s not so much Good Cop/Bad Cop as Snarky Cop/Snarkier Cop: Gomez zings ‘em, then Hank REALLY zings ‘em, then Hank zings Gomez, and then right as the guy is about to leave, Hank burns ‘em good with a startling revelation that ties ‘em to the crimes in question. Anybody who can catch a thoroughly prepared motherfucker like Mike off-guard definitely deserves some B.A. cred.  3 POINTS

Humor: We still haven’t seen Hank in full-on fratboy mode this season, and in fact we may never see him quite so jovial and/or douchey again. But we did learn that his hilarious casual racism even extends to those dirty Kaiser-lovin’ Krauts, who gassed our boys down in the trenches during the Great War. 2 POINTS

Morality: He’s gone from being a vapid macho hotshot to being the strongest force for good on the show. 4 POINTS


Sam Elliot: “I had Fring over for the 4th of July. We laughed, ate, told stories. He taught me how to grill using little foil packets. I gave him one of my signature back rubs. Then we played catch in the backyard and talked about maybe renting a lake house together. He really felt like a friend. No, closer than that. Like a brother-in-law. A really intelligent, wealthy, seemingly harmless brother-in-law. Who wore glasses. And then… he turned out to be a major drug kingpin. How could I not see it?”

Hank: [furrows brow] “Hmmmm…. Kinda reminds me of my brother-in-law… HAW HAW WOULDN’T THAT BE SOMETHIN’?” 3 POINTS

Kill Count: Hank was practically drooling at the meeting with Madrigal as he fantasized about killing each and every one of those Kraut bastards and dipping their fried scalps in some “Franch” or some “Cajun Kick-Ass” or perhaps some “Essentially Just Ketchup.” Alas, no actual kills. 0 POINTS

Total points: 12


Saul didn’t do much except take notes at the first meeting of the Walter White Paper Company. Hopefully the next episode is just a behind-the-scenes look at one of his “Better Call Saul!” TV ads.

Badassery: Again, nice suit, but not nice enough to register any points here. 0 POINTS

Humor: Didn’t have many memorable one-liners, but he gets a point just for being Saul. Saul’s great, you guys. 1 POINT

Morality: Walt is becoming so evil that Saul looks like a gosh darn choir boy in comparison. But he’s still pretty much a scumbag, right? 0 POINTS

Intelligence: With his suggestion that Walt maybe shouldn’t dive right back into the Olympic-sized pool of fuck from which he just barely escaped, Saul is once again the gang’s greasy voice of reason. But if Walt’s start-up starts bringing in cash, I suspect he’ll be right back on board. 2 POINTS

Kill Count: Still no sign of poor, uninsured Huell. I’m suspicious, but not ready to give Saul a point just yet. 0 POINTS

Total points: 3

Walt, Jr.:

YESSS!!! Mr. Breakfast is BACK!!! Flynn had only one scene, but he absolutely CRUSHED IT by doing the thing he does best: EATING BREAKFAST!!! I don’t know about you, but when I saw him sitting at a table festooned with such majestic breakfastry, I went CRAZY. Rarely do we get to see a man so thoroughly in his element. For one shining scene, Flynn was a King, and the balanced breakfast set before him was his court. And O, King Flynn did rule over his edible subjects with an iron spoon.

Badassery:  Raisin Bran Crunch has two scoops of KICKASS in every bowl! 1 POINT


Morality: Was polite enough to say he had enough breakfast, when we all know Flynn CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH MOTHERFUCKIN’ BREAKFAST! 5 POINTS

Intelligence: Was smart enough to know that breakfast is the MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY! 1 POINT

Kill Count: I really want to give him at least 10 points for all the innocent raisins he annihilated with his mandible of doom, but unfortunately we’re only counting humans here. 0 POINTS

Total points: 7


He’s back to playing second banana (or as they say en espanol: segundo banana) to Hobblin’ Hank, and I suspect he wouldn’t have it any other way. He always seemed a little uncomfortable taking the lead when Hank was laid up. And I’m glad, too: more interrogation scenes like that, and Gomie will be leading the league in assists in no time.

Badassery: That goatee is looking pretty fierce. 1 POINT

Humor: Got in a few choice zingers whilst interrogating Mike. 1 POINT

Morality: On second thought, that goatee is looking a little TOO fierce. But until I see proof that Gomez was in fact kidnapped and replaced by his evil twin, I have to assume he’s faithfully doing the best he can to bring criminals to justice.  2 POINTS

Intelligence: I thought Gomez was a pretty smart guy but if he really thought Mike’s granddaughter was Fring’s muscle, he must be a reeeeal dum-dum! Seriously: think it through, Burrito Breath! She’s ten years old! A-DOY!!! 0 POINTS

Kill Count: Gomez is much more likely to have his head end up superglued to the shell of an exploding turtle than to actually kill anybody himself. 0 POINTS

Total points: 4

BENCH: Still waiting on Todd, my ace in the hole, to show up and do whatever it is he’s supposed to do, which is hopefully kill people. Huell and Badger are on the injured list with sausage fingers and severe munchies, respectively.


Fightin’ Meth-Heads: 32

Los Pollos Hermanos: 34

Another close game, but this time Alex comes out on top and ties the season record at 1 apiece. Despite Mike’s monster episode, Los Pollos Hermanos had more scoring from its role players, and it’s that depth that made all the difference.

WAIVER WIRE: In the first transaction of the season, Lou has dropped Wendy and added Lydia, who is not dead and figures to play a significant role as Walt’s methylamine supplier. This should help bolster a team that, beyond Jesse and Mike, has very few reliable scorers. Alex, meanwhile, has decided to stand pat, though he was tempted to pick up Mike’s granddaughter in hopes that her Hungry Hungry Hippos skill would translate to a significant kill count.



5 thoughts on “Breaking Bad Fantasy League: Episode 2, “Madrigal”

  1. “Intelligence: He’s smart enough not to buy Walt’s explanation that the ricin cigarette fell out of his jacket, or whatever, but not smart enough to see through the Roomba gambit. 1 POINT”

    WOW, really; you did not get it that Jesse now KNOWS Walter tried to poison the boy??!!??

    Jesse certainly DID NOT believe that the Roomba ate an ENTIRE cigarette without crushing it AT ALL!!!

    He was crying because he now knows that Walter has betrayed him. He only told Walter that he was sorry for pulling a gun on him so he can get the upper hand on Walt later. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Mike even mentions this when they are at the restaurant saying to Jesse: Not even you are dumb enough to see that Walt is a ticking time bomb. Jesse is only sticking around so he can be the one who messes up Walter in the end.

    The interesting thing is that Walter is so wrapped up in his schemes he thinks EVERYTHING he does makes him untouchable…The whole magnet thing: “It worked because I said it did.”

    I would not be surprised if later on in the season they let it out that Jesse LIED to Walt that it was “about a week ago” that he checked the Roomba…or even that Walter let his girlfriend OD when he could have stopped it…

    Posted by Chris Engel | July 26, 2012, 3:05 am
  2. I really don’t think Jesse thinks that way. He’s not a manipulator the way Walt is. He’s totally naive. And if he really did realize Walt must have poisoned Brock, he would have impulsively lashed out at him right then and there without considering the long term consequences.

    Plus, he really, genuinely looks up to Walt. I mean, he still calls him “Mr. White.” Realizing that he could have killed his mentor and the closest thing to a father figure in his life would totally make him break down like that.

    I think I’m gonna go with Occam’s razor on this one.

    Posted by Alex Nichols | July 31, 2012, 3:00 pm
    • I disagree. This weeks episode (3) Jesse ROLLED HIS EYES at Walter’s greediness after he looked away when Mike was scooping all the money up; kind of disrespectful don’t you think? I believe he felt Walter was being immature, which is why Jesse offered his stack to hush Mike’s “Guys.”

      And the look Jesse had after Walter recalled the “BoxCutter” incident…I’m sure Jesse knows Walter means to kill Mike now…I think that’s why he left the girl and Brock, he doesn’t want to see them get hurt. [Walter is the opposite now, he cares not for Skyler’s feelings or well-being, other than how it affects his own affairs.]

      The writers are using classical techniques to develop their characters. Look at the progression of Walter, no longer a timid Heisenberg is he? Jesse was impulsive, now reserved…Classic Flip-Flop!

      And the whole discussion after cooking the batch, Jesse was fearful of Walter letting the girl in on what they were doing. Jesse is screening what information he let’s Walter in on.

      Jesse is more refined and less impulsive than he was before. He doesn’t seem to be using the product now either. Jesse IS NOT BLINDLY following Walter any more!

      Posted by Chris Engel | July 31, 2012, 6:50 pm
  3. He’s not manipulating Walter, he’s just keeping him at arms length!

    Posted by Chris Engel | July 31, 2012, 6:51 pm
  4. Oops, menat to say Jesse was fearful of Walter THINKING that Jesse told his girlfriend that they were cooking Meth!

    Posted by Chris Engel | July 31, 2012, 6:54 pm

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