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Breaking Bad Fantasy League: Episode 7, “Say My Name”

In typical Breaking Bad fashion, this week was a combination of thrilling bravado and depressing lows, thanks to Walt’s wildly unpredictable mood. A major death this week scored big points, but what will it mean for the future? The Fightin’ Meth-Heads hope it means Breaking Bad secretly takes place in the Star Wars universe so badass old dudes … Continue reading

Breaking Bad Fantasy League: Episode 6, “Buyout”

As we head into the final stretch of season five, part one, things heat up. This week we saw the fallout from Dirt-bike Kid’s death, specifically Todd’s total lack of remorse for shooting Dirt-bike Kid to death. Hey, does Todd remind anyone else of the mentally challenged Matt Damon from “Team America: World Police”? He’s … Continue reading

Breaking Bad Fantasy League: Episode 5, “Dead Freight”

This latest round of Breaking Bad Fantasy League was a real nail-biter. As the Heisenberg crew pulled off a daring and slightly comedic heist, both teams scored big. Boy, that heist was exciting, huh? And, if you turned it off ten seconds early, no cute little boys got shot to death! Los Pollos Hermanos Walt: … Continue reading

Breaking Bad Fantasy League: Episode 4, “Fifty-One”

Domestic drama! Fast cars! Mashed potatoes! This week sure had it all. Will the Fightin’ Meth-Heads come out ahead with Skyler’s chilling declaration to Walt or will Los Pollos Hermanos win with Walt, Jr.’s hilarious reaction to his bacon being stolen? Read to find out! Los Pollos Hemanos Walt: Remember how Skyler used to be … Continue reading