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Alex Nichols

I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Well, I wouldn't have to. But I would.
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Fishsticks on the Brain: Why is Kanye Still Rapping About South Park?

“Rapper holds grudge” is one of those “Dog bites man” stories that rarely merits reporting anymore. In the heady days of Tupac versus Biggie, hip-hop feuds were passionate and intense, often playing out like Shakespearean tragedies. In the modern era, however, they have become mere rote exercises in braggadocio (more Spenserian than Shakespearean, you could … Continue reading

7 Movies That Should Have Been Based on Toys

As is often the case with traumatic events that occur on a national scale, few of us will forget where we were when the first trailer for the Battleship movie came out. Nobody could have predicted the bewildering blur of images and sounds that devastated our eyes and ears on that tragic day. America wasn’t … Continue reading